Gem & Jewellery Management System

Gem & Jewellery Management Software has always been committed to the Gem & Jewellery Industry, simply because we fully understand their processes and software requirements

Container Management System

The Container industry is not limited to doing just one single thing. Organizations in the container and depot industry have various core processes. Managing all these processes is a challenge faced by many organizations in the industry. FiNAC Container Management System is developed to take the challenges of the container and depot industry by the horns, with unique features specific to the container and depot industry and a set of modules that can empower you to improve operations and grow your company

Electronics Management System

As an integrated software, FiNAC Mobile, Electronics and Warranty Management System provides a strong platform to support all your major business processes and operations such financials, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain management, and management reports. Typically you can choose to trigger particular modules on an as-needed basis

Polythene & Packaging Management System

Are you a manufacturer or distributor in the polythene and packaging industry? Do you need better control over your stocks, sales and costs? It's all in the box with FiNAC Polythene & Packaging Management System

FiNAC Workshop Management

FiNAC Workshop Management is a truly unique system design and is developed with a focus on maximising value for its users. Unlike other software products that attempt to cover multiple industries with one application, FiNAC Workshop management has always been committed to the automotive repair, refurbishment and manufacturing industries, simply because we fully understand their processes and software requirements. Different types of workshops have different software requirements. From experience we know that one software system can never accommodate all, and therefore we have developed modules for the many different sectors that fit them like a glove

Furniture and Fixtures Management System

Furniture and fixtures industries are increasingly stressed with global pressure to find new efficiencies. Sensitive pricing, unpredictable raw material costs, labor demands, and customer demands for more configured product options continue to wear down already thin margins

FiNAC Corrugation Solution

Stages of production are at your organization’s disposal to reduce errors and increase accuracy, schedules that aid cost estimates are collaboratively shared with manufacturing solutions to increase efficiency and reduce waste

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Unilever Sri Lanka (USL)has been engaged with Datamation Systems (Pvt) Ltd. since 1995, in the capacity of providing ICT services to enable excellence in our Redistribution and Sales Force Automation operations. Datamation Systems have been of service to USL for over two decades in areas such as implementing FiNAC to our Distributor network , Integration with SAP, Facilitating Supply Chain Customer Service, Field support for Sales Force Automation, Software Development, Quality Assurance and Third party software implementation and support. Currently we have a team of Datamation employees working directly from our Head Office to ensure that our entire redistribution operation provides on time deliveries with real time data analytics to enable decision making at every point of the Order to Cash cycle. The Datamation Team is a unit which is totally dedicated, motivated and operates with complete project ownership. They are well Managed and highly coordinated by the Datamation Head Office, as a result of which the attrition rate of the outsourced employees from Datamation is negligible. USL is very happy with the quality of delivery and service excellence in a field of rapid changes. Datamation has withstood both the challenge of time and the continuous demand for process improvements to ensure our redistribution operation goals are met.

Mr Ajanthan Sivathas

joh keels group

We have been working with Datamation Systems since 1988 and we still continue with their software development services. In the past, many of our group companies, such as Hotels, Employment, Diamond Manufacturing, Airlines etc have implemented FiNAC. Our experience with Datamation was that it provides a reliable and consistent service throughout the period.Datamation has a unique strategy in retaining employees and domain expertise which is a key reason we utilize their services. Their integrity, reliability and commitment towards client satisfaction has been consistent throughout the period. I wish them the very best in their journey to migrate FiNAC into a SAAS based ERP targeting the global market.

Mr Susantha Ratnayake

bbm maldives

Their entire business process is online and real time with zero tolerance for extracting reports manually even from excel. Satisfying Resorts and staying one step ahead of the competition is no easy task. Timely information is key to our success and in this respect Datamation Systems, the providers of FiNAC ERP have delivered a customized solution which can be benchmarked with any world class solution available.

Mr Mohamed Mazloom

star boxes

Star Boxes needed a scalable solution with “out of the box” functionality that could accommodate our current and future needs. We had a look at a long list of competing ERP’s. FiNAC’s wide and broad features and functionality stood out from the rest. FiNAC was an easy choice. Star Boxes has been using Datamation’s FiNAC ERP for the past 3 years. We have found that both their software and support have been timely and efficient. The staff there are very professional and team well with Star Boxes in India by resolving issues in organized and professional manner.

Mr Huzaifa Abdulhusein


ERPs’ once implemented becomes the DNA of our business and the need to make constant changes due to expansion or process improvements requires a software company that can retain our domain, be reliable and provide timely support. The Datamation team that supports us has delivered on their promises and we are confidently moving ahead with them with our expansion plans.

Mrs Janaki

mc larens

Having worked closely with Datamation Systems for many years now, they have proven to be a time-tested partner. Datamation System’s customized solutions have enabled McLarens to focus on delivering value to our clients, streamlining our processes while reducing our process costs. The fully integrated, real time technology provided by Datamation has truly given McLarens a competitive edge in servicing our clients.

Mr Mohamed Muhsin


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Press Releases

datamation client micro cars

Micro Cars implements FINAC in 6 weeks

datamation client emerald

Datamation's Finac enables enterprise excellence for Emerald International

bbm maldives datamation

Finac ERP successfully implemented in Maldives

datamation mc larens

McLarens Containers implements FiNAC Container Depot Management Solution

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