Workshop Management Software

It is an exceptional Datamation workshop management system, developed with a focus to add value to your business. Our commitment to the automotive repair, refurbishment and manufacturing industries is an outcome of our extensive understanding of all processes and practical day to day software requirements.



  • Maintain customer order booking facility
  • Production schedule according to the customer order
  • Maintain bill of materials (BOM)
  • Production sheet and vehicle costing facility
  • Facility to allocate eng/chassis no to customers
  • Pending orders monitoring facility
  • BOQ and labour costing facility



  • Customer order listing
  • Production sheet base on customer orders
  • Daily production schedule report
  • Schedule Vs actual report
  • Material issue listing
  • Order wise MIN listing
  • Material returns listing
  • Eng/ chassis no allocation report
  • Delivery schedule listing
  • Standard cost vs actual cost reconciliation
  • PDI report
  • Gate pass report
  • On loan report
  • Customer delivery report
  • Pending order listing


  • Unlimited vehicle and model-wise option
  • Item active and inactive facility
  • Cancellation option – once the entry is cancelled the system automatically passes the reversal entry to the general ledger
  • Ability to maintain different locations (stores, raw materials/ finished goods, damage store etc)
  • User defined stock reorder levels and quantities
  • Purchase order and supplier monitoring. When GRN’s are raised if the PO number is given the items and quantities of the PO is automatically displayed. The quantity could be changed according to the users needs
  • Previous pricing information can be viewed for a supplier when entering a PO
  • View a particular items status at any given time
  • Tracks transaction history
  • Facility of searching items by code, description and price
  • Match PO with related source documents such as purchase invoice, goods receipt note and purchase returns
  • Generate P/O with comprehensive information such as date, item, quantity, date of delivery, store etc


  • Purchase orders register with outstanding purchase order
  • Goods receipt note register with relevant master information
  • Log report – e.g. entered person, time, date etc
  • Stock forecast report
  • Stock valuation report
  • Fast/ slow moving report
  • Stock age analysis
  • Physical stock verification report
  • Stock movement report
  • Stock ledger (average/ FIFO)
  • Re-order report
  • Stock balance report
  • ABC analysis report


  • Pre estimate for insurance jobs
  • Standard estimates
  • Service packages – special promotion offers for services
  • Service booking engine
  • Track vehicle warranty
  • Repair order

– Credit validation

– Create labour time guide against customer repair concerns

– Automatic PO’s for standard sublet work

– Attach LTG’s to relevant repair divisions

– Compulsory estimates

– Scheduled completion date

– Service order – outside labour

  • Image attach for damaged parts
  • Warranty approval before proceeding with the repair
  • Job inquiry
  • Proforma invoice
  • Workshop bill – customer / warranty / insurance
  • Actual labour tracking
  • Gate pass – credit validation
  • Document attached (insurance,photos etc)
  • User wise discount schemes (trade / project / customer / product)
  • Time sheets
  • Pre Define SMSs’ (eg: service reminder, vehicle collection & outstanding dues)


  • Vehicle history
  • Workshop jobs – pending/ in progress/ completed jobs
  • Job duration report
  • Outstanding MRNs reports
  • Outstanding service orders reports
  • Service schedule report – free service/ monthly service
  • Vehicle wise no of visits analysis report
  • Warranty/ good will claim report
  • Vehicle Input / output
  • Service advice performance analysis
  • Contractor payments
  • Credit note for workshop and services
  • Sales reports- labour/ parts/ warranty/ service/ body shop
  • Job profitability
  • Inactive clients
  • Vehicle age
  • Technician efficiency
  • Non productive analysis
  • Labour utilization
  • Actual labour monitor

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