FiNAC Sales Force Automation

In the FMCG Industry, the ability to drive the sales teams with mobile capabilities is given the highest priority. Enabling mobility reinforces the team with the ability to perform sales in an easy to use effective method allowing faster transactions and sales turnaround. This, in turn, eliminates manual & redundant entries, enabling them to focus on long-term relationship building, reducing cost and increasing brand resales. MFiNAC is a mission-critical application that connects the Head Office with your Distributors (referred to as Agents or Stockists). The Distributors receive their stock update directly from the “Head Office Invoice” transmitted via web update. The Distributor Sales Reps then bills the Outlets using a Mobile device (PDA / Tablet). Once invoiced, the HO & the Distributor are also updated. Thus the HO is completely aware of the actual actions and can thus plan the production and raw material ordering

Customer Details

Register new customers and with relevant information including the GPS Location and picture of the Outlet

Van Sales

Printing & listing of completed and pending invoices with a search facility by Reference No. Upload to Head Office feature

GPS Tagging

GPS tagging with day start location of Sales Representative plus GPS tagging for all transactions made

Mobile Printing

Mobile printing via a compatible hand-held printer including barcode reading

Head Office

Head Office connected to Distributors. Stock updates received via web update


Synchronization of information by approved MAC IDs. Endpoint security with encryption

Clients using Datamation SFA




SFA How it works



  • Register new customers and with relevant information
  • Picks the GPS Location of the outlet and location details
  • Take images of retailer outlet
  • All the new accounts are approved by the Finance

Customer Registration



  • Loads Daily Customer Routes
  • Searching facility for a specific customer by Code,Name, or Address
  • Route wise retailer information
  • Facility to do sales out of route
Customer Selection



  • Printing & Listing of completed and pending invoices to upload
  • Facility to delete or upload pending invoices
  • Searching Facility for an invoice by Reference No
 Van Sale



  • Search facility by Item code, Name and Pack size
  • Increase or Decrease quantities using the bullet button
  • Invoiced items will be highlighted
  • Shows quantity on hand along with price



  • Last bill value of selected customer
  • Total outstanding of selected customer with outstanding breakup
  • Facilitate to set expected delivery date
  • Key in Additional info as remarks
  • Key in manual document number for offline sales
  • List of last three sales, Average sales value
  • Validation of Customer active status,Credit and Return cheque
 Customer Info



  • Capture competitor wise inventory availability in the market
  • Competitor inventory availability information for the selected customer




  • GPS tagging with day start location
  • Real-time stock movement
  • Credit, Cheque return, and Customer status validation
  • Multiple Payment modes accepted, along with invoice details
  • Back-end finance approval for realization
  • Retailer wise non-productive information with defined reason codes
  • Sales Return with acceptable reasons
  • Facilitate to accept Usable, Returned and Damage returns
  • On request price information
  • Sales rep expense management
  • Day end Process with Vehicle meter readings
  • GPS tagging for all transactions made
  • Mobile printing
  • Barcode reading
  • Image Thumbnail of items
  • Email Notification
  • SMS Alerts & Push Notifications


  • Prioritized promotion schemes along with date validity
  • The scheme can be defined by Flat, Slab or Hybrid models
  • Enabled with assortment item promotion
  • Enabled to target single retailer for trade promotion
  • Parameterized promotion type as must sell
  • Product, Value discount and percentage discount promotions


  • Allows Synchronization of master information only for access given MAC IDs
  • Validates User Name and Password when login
  • Login details blocks after three failure attempts
  • Monthly or Annual password reset
  • Secured local database
  • Endpoint security with encryption
  • Uses REST API for data synchronization

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