FiNAC Verticals


The FiNAC Corrugation Management system is distinctive. We created it that way. It is an exceptional Datamation Corrugation Management system, developed with a focus to add value to your business.

Polythene & Packaging

FiNAC Polythene & Packaging Management system is an integrated inventory management, accounting, distribution and manufacturing software, designed for the packaging industry.


Developed with a focus to add value to your business, it is an outcome of our extensive understanding of day to day processes automotive repair, refurbishment & manufacturing industries.

Mobile, Electronic & Warranty

The System provides a strong platform to support all your major business processes and operations such as financials, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain management & management reports.

Furnitures & Fixtures

With FiNAC Furniture and Fixtures Management System your business will have everything in place, creating visibiliy across your entire operation whatever your profile might be - distributor, wholesaler or retailer.

Gem & Jewellery

The System covers the entire process of purchasing raw stones , cutting, polishing and fixing. They can also handle sale of all other items including warranty maintenance using serial numbers.

Container Management

From Workshop operation including service and repair to contractor details, a web interface to view container movement, invoicing, EDI intergration and reports; we've got it all covered.

Job Costing

Designed for construction costing and Government contracts. Financial overview displays real time project cost-billing. You can also manage stocks, transport & purchasing with and integrated CRM.

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