Polythene & Packaging Software

FiNAC Polythene & Packaging Management system is an integrated inventory management, accounting, distribution and manufacturing software, designed for the packaging industry. The solution is specifically designed to make simpler and streamline processes across multiple locations supporting multi currency environments saving you on your costs, reducing waste and increasing production and productivity.


  • Keep track on new job details for customer with raw materials ,Finished Goods, Quantity, Delivery Details, Colors, Job Stages and size combinations.
  • Approvals for new jobs.



  • Calculate Bag price according to product type & cost margin for pouch, reels, sheets, shrink sleeves and poly bags.
  • Production cost.
  • Sale value & GP with budgets and actuals.
  • Block cost & block cost per bag.
  • Cylinder cost.
  • Material cost for film, printing cost and lamination cost.
  • Finance cost.
  • Cost per pouch with or without interest.
  • Total kg.
  • Gross margin & gross margin percentage.
  • Total reel length.
  • Track records of the actual film, colors & lamination materials.
  • Show the recommended cut back roller size for the job.
  • Display the ups and wastage percentage for each.
  • Facility to revise a costing.
  • Maintain excess bag quantity & allocate for job.


  • Material Estimation Note to track raw materials and costs required for a job.


  • Plan for each stage in a job according to production line
  • Select the machine according to its performance.
  • End date & time will be calculated automatically.
  • Partial planning.
  • Keep track on the order of the jobs and can change the order.
  • Maintain job wise priority level.
  • Prompt message if machine allocated for the same day by another job.
  • Stagewise planning.


  • Optimizing machinery usage by capturing machine maintenance details.
  • Machine maintenance related entries and Job setting type for each machine.


  • Transfer semi finished products among stages
  • Maintain multiple units
  • Extrusion – Kilogram
  • Printing – Meters
  • Bag Making – Pouches
  • Maintain work shifts & employee
  • Finish good transfer with Finish goods – stock in and excess goods entry
  • Keep track on cylinder/plate history and purchases
  • Keep track on the material specification (ratio of each) for Lamination material , Extrusion Material and Special ink material in the Bill Of Material (BOM)


Basic Workfow



  • Job Listing
  • Cylinder payment details
  • Excess bags
  • Stock valuation
  • Raw material
  • Extrusion Material
  • Work in progress
  • Finished good
  • Stage wise stock
  • Ink usage
  • Item wise
  • Job wise
  • Raw material consumption plans
  • Job order vs. finished good
  • Machine performance
  • Machine utilization ration
Machines outputMachine shift wise outputMachine capacity utilization rationMachine breakdown reportEmployee performanceDaily employee outputDaily shift base outputEmployee monthly performance – machine wiseDaily planGross profit – monthly vs. targetTIEP reportsMaster goods received noteUsage summaryRaw material consumption planCustoms format


  • Integration of general ledger, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable module either to FiNAC, SAP, Oracle etc

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