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Accelerate your turnover with FiNAC Mobile, Electronics and Warranty Management System. It has been developed with a focus to add value to your business. Our commitment to the electronics industry is an outcome of our extensive understanding of all processes and practical day-to-day software requirements.



As an integrated software, FiNAC Mobile, Electronics and Warranty Management System provides a strong platform to support all your major business processes and operations such as financials, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain management, and management reports. Typically you can choose to trigger particular modules on an as-needed basis



Knowing which products move fast will enable you to invest in the most profitable stocks. Success in retail requires you to invest wisely by buying the right quantity; enough to keep the sales going while at the same time preventing stock-outs. FiNAC Mobile, Electronics and Warranty Management System’s dedicated inventory management system will help identify the fast and slow moving products. This helps make informed buying decision and manage your cash flow through efficient working capital management


Providing a service/repair option gives consumer electronic companies a key advantage over their competitors by increasing customer loyalty, offering up-sell opportunities and create competitive advantage. FiNAC offers all the functionality for warranty/service / repair options. Additionally, it has the ability to track products by IMEI, or serial number. In short, FiNAC provides full product history and traceability from IMEI, or serial number. Bar code scanners can be used to identify any stock item for any movement e.g. items can be checked into warehouses by scanning in and can be moved to other locations by bar code reference, and can be dispatched through shop or warehouse using scanners.


  • FiNAC is available with the following features of tracking your inventory purchases, sales returns and allowing for auto recovery on commissions.
  • Inventory forecasting based on previous promotions or sales history
  • Recommended re-order levels and re-order quantities based on criteria defined for stock
  • Reorder lists by supplier
  • Automatic reorder facility, which can be overridden manually
  • Purchase orders monitored delivered vs.non delivered
  • Multi-location consolidation and allocation of purchases
  • Customer returns directly linked into supplier returns
  • Customers’ original order reference for returns
  • User-definable actions on returns to control the stock and accounting needs
  • Tracking warranty replacement
  • Complete warranty management for refunds, credit notes and replacement
  • Analysis of returns by user-defined reason codes
  • Authorization levels for returns


FiNAC Mobile, Electronics and Warranty Management System is integrated with FiNAC ERP System provides ease of workflow management. System is capable of managing your Products, Debtors, Creditors, Financials, Discount schemes,free issues, Commissions and other operations like import and export. Flawless reporting and procedures for reconciliation for decision making make it extra ordinary in its own way.


Descriptive reporting also helps identify problems right away. Managing sales and purchases through an automated system will give you information that keeps you updated on what is going on in the warehouse/store.The system lets you know:
  • How goods keep flowing in & out of the store throughout the season
  • Which items are ‘hot’ and which are not, and their respective suppliers
  • What are your best-selling stores and who are your best individual sales staff
  • How much you should invest in inventory from month to month
  • How much inventory you need to order to keep up with expected sales without going overboard and tying up too much capital


Tariffs, Commissions and Extras are parameter driven. FiNAC automatically calculates the commissions due. From this data, FINAC will produce reports to summarize the sales commission due, and produce detailed commission statements for members of staff. For returned items or cancelled orders, FiNAC will automatically recover/reverse commissions from staff.


Perhaps it is the most obvious benefit of implementing FiNAC Mobile, Electronics and Warranty Management System is that it streamlines the entire business process thus resulting in the increase of employee productivity.


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