Job Costing Software

Project Costing / Job Costing

  • Designed for construction costing and government contracts
  • Financial overview displays real time project cost-billing
  • Facilitate to maintain check list once project confirmed
  • Action items with notes and dates to schedule the project
  • Contract list for each job assist with communication
  • Specific labor and material rates can be maintained on each job
  • Sort and subtotal all cost activity on a job any way you want – by date – by cost type category – cost code
  • Users can easily refer back to,edit or create a job during the prepare invoice process
  • Job can be submitted to sub contractor


  • Management of batches/consignments
  • Assignment of characteristics of batch
  • Definition of locations
  • Traceabiliy from customer to supplier
  • Continuous inventory management
  • Definition of different packaging units
  • Customer: definition of customers and projects
  • Payment conditions, delivery conditions, invoicing conditions etc for each work/project


  • Definition of transporters, subcontracted transport and drivers
  • External transport payments and cost control for the internal transport


  • Purchase order proposal for supplier
  • Assessment of suppliers


  • Management of sales activities ( work plan,appointments,calls,tasks,projects etc)
  • Management of customer support (management of customer claims, management of interventions etc)

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