We have been involved in implementing ERPs’ since 1986 and over 400 clients have benefited from our services. With close on 100 ICT staff with over 50% having 5 years’ experience and above we have gained in-depth knowledge in understanding Client needs and priorities as well as the common pitfalls that hamper a successful ERP. A true ERP is often referred to as the DNA of your business because everything you do operationally is taken over by the ERP and information for decision making comes from it. If you want to establish a high performing organization with satisfied clients, minimum cash flow issues and fine-tuned working capital, then an ERP is your only solution.

General Ledger

Shipment Costing

Inventory & Purchasing


Receivables & Payables


Manufacturing & Job Costing

Fixed Assets





Clients using FiNAC Core ERP

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  • User defined accounting periods
  • Supports multicurrency
  • Support 24 accounting periods
  • Provides for 12 months budgeting
  • Consolidation for a global business decentralized by region, country, city, branch, sub branch etc
  • Hierarchy of cost centers
  • User defined Accounts
  • Supports unlimited notes & sub notes
  • Copy chart of accounts to new cost centers
  • Bank reconciliation thorough EDI data transfer
  • Automatic calculation of Realized Gain/Loss
  • Monthly revaluation
  • Cheque printing facility for multiple banks
  • On-line voucher printing
  • Integration of third party software
  • Facility to export internal reports to other file formats
  • Automatic entry numbering
  • Batch posting
  • Cash flow statement
  • Audit trails
  • Automatic reversal of accruals
  • Graphical chart reflecting expense analysis
  • Fixed asset schedule
  • Handling of undefined debit / credit


  • Trial balance / Ledger listing
  • Note balance /Payments / Receipt / Petty cash book
  • Journal book
  • Ratio analysis / Sensitivity analysis
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Manufacturing account / Income statement / Balance sheet


 FiNAC Shipment Costing System offers a comprehensive solution to meet the unique requirements of import costing activities in organizations. FiNAC Shipment Costing System provides customizable & user friendly transactions with pre-costing entries, post-costing entries, quotations, proforma invoices, purchase orders, LC documents and ready-to-use report set which are customizable according to the customer requirement.

  • Maintain import charge categories & import charges
  • Maintain foreign currency details & daily rates
  • Facility to create unlimited number of item codes
  • Maintain shipment ports & country details
  • Maintain comprehensive supplier information database
  • Maintain comprehensive agent information database
  • Maintain HS code details
  • Facility to enter & keep track of supplier quotation
  • Facility to enter & keep track of Supplier Performa Invoice details
  • Automatic calculation of company, distributor & Dealer wise profit margins through the system
  • System will automatically calculate the net landed cost, Distributor Price, Dealer Price & Retailer Price. This will provide the necessary information to compare & to validate the quotations

  • Create Pre Costing sheets with information about item Cost, Freight & Insurance Charges etc
  • Facility to create Purchase Orders based on the Proforma Invoices send by the suppliers
  • Purchase Order mailing facility
  • Create Post Costing Sheets based on the Goods Receive Notes & the actual import costing values
  • Facility to create Sample Purchase Orders
  • Keep track of LCs


  • Ability maintain multi locations
  • User defined stock re-order levels and quantities
  • Facility of searching items by all relevant details
  • Stock item image viewing
  • View item status at any given time
  • Generate POs with comprehensive information
  • Previous price information
  • Automatic entry numbering
  • Purchase order can be recalled at the time of GRN, thus reducing the data entry
  • Matches PO with related source documents such as good receipt note a & good return note
  • GRN returns are interrelated with the GRN
  • FIFO & Weighted average costing
  • Maintain serial / batch wise age
  • Real time update of stock quantities
  • Automatic calculation of user define taxes
  • Physical stock reconciliation
  • Damage stock maintenance
  • Stock adjustments through the high authority users
  • Audit trails
  • Inter company / Sample issue note
  • Tracks transaction history
  • Item dash board


  • Purchase order register / Demand sheet
  • Supplier / Item wise GRN listing
  • Bin card / Location wise stock details
  • Reorder report
  • Movement / Age analysis
  • FIFO / Serial / Batch stock details


  • Multiple price levels
  • Supports multicurrency
  • Sales orders can be raised before actual invoicing takes place
  • If insufficient stocks, facilitating to generate an invoice without dispatch
  • Generate invoice with comprehensive information
  • Credit control
  • Facilitates multiple modes of payment
  • Control sales returns with invoice quantities
  • Parameterized taxing methods
  • Track sales by sales person
  • Assigning sales targets


  • Daily / Monthly sales report
  • Sales analysis – Customer / Item
  • Sales forecast
  • Pending quotations / sales orders
  • Not delivered invoices
  • Contribution statement
  • Profitability statement
  • Sales representative incentive
  • Target vs Achievement


  • Create and maintain an unlimited number of debtors
  • Supports multicurrence
  • Active & Inactive Debtors
  • Create and maintain unlimited debtor groups
  • Customer wise price structure
  • Maintain credit limit & Credit period
  • Ability to setoff against actual outstanding
  • Supports unidentified credits
  • Automatic entry numbering
  • Parameterized taxing methods
  • Settlement discounts
  • Automatic calculation of realized gain/loss
  • Partial settlements
  • Facility to accept bank charges at the time of transaction
  • Debtor’s age wise analysis with user definable age groups
  • Payment reminder
  • Ability to define late payment charges through debit / credit notes
  • Balance confirmation notice
  • Maintain advance, refunds, overpayments
  • Integrated with other modules
  • Audit trails


  • Invoice balance reconciliation
  • Outstanding statement (Detail / Summary)
  • Due list
  • Credit limit analysis
  • Exceeding credit limits / periods
  • Customer balance confirmation reports
  • Customer reminder letters
  • Customer history
  • Age analysis
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Daily collection sheet



  • Maintain cheque details
  • Deposited slip printing
  • Facilitate to allocate one cheque number to multiple invoices without repeating
  • Amendment of cheque deposit date
  • Facilitates trace of original invoice details
  • Advance cheques
  • Capture surcharges at dishonor entry
  • In the debtor outstanding reports, post dated cheque payments are shown separately
  • Cheque age analysis
  • Re-deposits


  • Manufacturing process can be monitored stage wise
  • Ability to handle multiple production lines in multiple stages
  • Batch wise production monitoring : each batch is assigned a job number and each job is monitored as it progresses through different stages. The total raw material/ packing material consumption for a particular job is maintained. A job can be sample manufacturing , a repair or a bulk production line
  • The BOM/BOQ carries the recipe for a product. Total raw material/packing material /labour consumption per product
  • Supports substitute raw material items for BOQ/BOM
  • Ability to control the issuing of raw material stage wise
  • All raw materials will be issued against a particular job number stage wise. Enabling the system to cross check with the initially estimated amounts. A privileged user’s authorization is required when issuing additional raw material
  • Monitor extra issues and out of the BOM issues against a particular job
  • Calculate work in progress (WIP) stage wise
  • Monitoring damages at each stage
  • Monitor intermediate products and facility to transfer those to a new job/s
  • Providing up to date and accurate information for production planning
  • Provided assistance and maintain complete quality assurance procedures
  • Plan the production schedule with the sales forecast and re-order level status
  • Tracking actual vs. estimates for job profitability
  • Job tracking against a customer order or for in-house inventory
  • Integration with general ledger and payroll
  • Wide range of MIS reports, customizable according to user requirements


  • Production forecasting reports
  • BOM/BOQ listing
  • Estimated entry information
  • Complete job details (Stage Wise)
  • Costing reports (Post/Pre)
  • Production reports (Detail/Summary)
  • Monthly production targets (Detail/Summary)
  • Employee production target reports
  • Job status listing
  • Job profitability report
  • Raw material consumption variance analysis


  • Multi user system
  • Maintain user access control
  • Track asset purchases/automatic asset code/purchase date & value/scrap value/ useful life time/ warranty/depreciation rate/ location/departments/ disposals/WIP Items
  • Asset revaluation
  • Capitalize WIP items
  • Value addition to existing fixed assets
  • Sales / Disposals
  • Label printing facility
  • Generation of journal entries



  • Fixed asset register / history / summary / disposal / transfer report
  • Purchase & revaluation details report
  • Value addition report
  • WIP capitalization report
  • Depreciation detail report



  • Application / Resumes recording
  • Required skills & qualities
  • Interview scheduling & feedback
  • Employee skills & qualification
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Training & seminars allocation
  • Training & against test results
  • Accident/injury recording
  • Medical checkups details
  • Disciplinary actions management
  • Record employee termination & exit interview details
  • Team meeting & memorandum
  • Organizational policies
  • Leave management
  • Employees equipment monitoring
  • Promotion & transfers
  • Shift allocation
  • Points based employee grading


  • Compatible with any kind of company structure in Sri Lanka
  • Contract reports – Interview details / new recruitments
  • Probation & Contract ending list etc
  • Training & performance reports
  • General reports such as team meeting
  • Accident & injury detail etc


  • Salaries calculated on daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Facilitate transfer data between the company and EPF/ETF board
  • Facilitate GL transfers
  • Separate payment transaction
  • Bonus/increment /leave encashment process
  • Track employee gratuity entitlement
  • Data can be exported/imported using Excel sheets
  • Basic salary reconciliation
  • Pay slip E-mailing & data backup facility
  • Highly secured password control access levels
  • Master file & transaction log
  • Facilitate to generate dynamic reports using selection
  • Multiple payment modes
  • User defined earning & deductions
  • Time attendance data transfer
  • Loan management
  • Employee promotion & transfers
  • Month end process
  • Bank slips transfer
  • Supports multiple companies
  • Supports HR information
  • Bank remittance
  • Track the changes done on employee master records



  • Monthly reports: Pay slip/ Payroll summary/ Loan details/coinage analysis etc
  • Annual Reports: Individual & Company wise pay report
  • EPF & ETF reports
  • Tax reports
  • General reports such as Gratuity Summary / Bank transfer details & customizable reports

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