Corrugation Management Software

The FiNAC Corrugation Management system is distinctive. We created it that way. It is an exceptional Datamation Corrugation Management system, developed with a focus to add value to your business. Our commitment to the corrugation industry is an outcome of our extensive understanding of all processes and practical day-to-day software requirements. Software must be custom-made and ship shaped for businesses to excel uninterrupted. With our wealth and knowledge of experience, we will ensure that your software works hard for you. For over three decades we have continuously developed modules for a variety of sectors including the corrugation industry. It is time to explore Datamation’s FiNAC Corrugation Management system, created for the corrugation industry. Take control.


  • Facilitates to revise the quotation



  • Calculates unit cost per box
  • Costing facility for each part in the box
  • Captures the block cost, die cut cost
  • Option to calculate cost per box manually & automatically
  • Capturing price requisition
  • Best fit paper by using box type
  • Get the best reel size for the job
  • Pre costing recall option
  • Post costing


  • Job breakdown quantity based on the delivery date wise
  • Previously selected jobs are marked according to the selected order
  • Track job status


  • Selecting order will be marked and order can be change anytime
  • Cumulative linear meter facilitates the decision making for the total machine working strength for the day
  • Job forecast
  • Allow to change job planning quantity, board quantity, sheet length, sheet width, outs, reel size, up, linear meter and next process
  • Partial planning
  • Sort the jobs and display as per requirement
  • Printer machines are marked automatically in printer plan according to the previous stage decisions
  • Holidays can be marked in the calendar
  • Machine allocation
  • Material allocation
  • Maintaining priority level job wise
  • Production process line change






  • Minimized paper wastage by using paper butt reels
  • Stores requisitions
  • Daily startup wastage


  • User define stages
  • Stage transfer monitoring
  • Daily production time sheet


  • Optimizing machinery usage by capturing machine maintenance details
  • Machine maintenance related entries


  • Integration of general ledger, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable module either to FiNAC, SAP, Oracle etc




  • Raw material post costing

Job Order

  • Job order vs invoice analysis
  • Order details for a customer

Production plan

  • Production plan
  • Production vs delivery
  • Production job card
  • Daily full / butt reel consumption
  • MRN vs consumption
  • Paper usage report
  • Analysis of raw material allocation vs returns
  • List of material requests
  • Material issue note summary
  • Detail finished goods inventory
  • Outstanding finished goods inventory
  • Transfer note listing
  • Brand wise finished goods status
  • Customer wise brand analysis
  • Finished goods age analysis (qty / value wise)
  • Age analysis – finished goods stores
  • Production completed pending transferred
  • Finished goods stock status
  • Finished goods summary of transfer note
  • Subcontractor finished good in out variance report
  • Rejection report – stage wise
  • Subcontractor analysis report – customer wise
  • Stock information – dividers / partitions etc
  • Brand wise job report
  • Excess write off jobs


  • Monthly AOD listing
  • Dispatched achievement report
  • Pending invoices (AOD raised)
  • Finished goods dispatched detail
  • Summary of canceled AODs
  • Time sheet details
  • Available lorries according to lorry capacity no
  • Turn in lorries
  • Off time lorries


  • Scheduled order listing
  • Invoice report details – customer wise
  • Invoice price revision
  • Sales returns / damaged quantity info
  • Job orders invoiced to a different customer

Functional Overview


Material Selection


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