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This module has been mainly customized for organizations involved with the export of Perishables and Sundries business. The FiNAC system allows them a comprehensive method to maintain and monitor their transactions and finances. The system is capable of handling the varying array of item types that come up from the market. A unique feature is that this provides the users the ability to generate the necessary shipment documents from within the system itself.


  • Purchasing
    • Allocate multiple suppliers for a one item
    • Allocate total items to multiple suppliers based on the customer purchase order
    • Repeat the item in the supplier allocation based on the customer purchase order
    • Supplier Purchase order can raise for the multiple allocations
    • Supplier Purchase order print out specially design for stores packing operation
  • Invoicing
    • Item filtering for the Packing list (Can duplicate the item/Can enter the quantity partially)
    • In the Invoice total items quantity filter from packing list automatically
    • Can allocate multiple price levels for the one item
    • Freight and the other charges calculate automatically
    • Shipment costing calculate after the invoice based on the Supplier allocation GRN and the main stock GRN
  • Export Documents
    • Setup pre define formats for each document
    • Process a report for botanical names
  • General
    • Multiple Search option
    • Report Export option
    • Stock handling for general items

Functional Overview – Export Document

Functional Overview - Stock & Sales

Functional Overview – Invoicing

Vegetable Export Solution - Workflow

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