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Aes Kelanitissa (Pvt) Ltd

The Aes Kalanitissa power plant is an ISO 14010HSE certified company driving the energy and utilities sector. The business was initiated in 1998, and has a task force of over 200 employees.

Prior to FiNAC, excel work sheets were used to maintain records leading to problems with viewing reports and in keeping accurate records of monetary transactions. Previous attempts to compuetrize the organization were unsuccessful mainly due to the complexity of the Accounting System

To eliminate all these problems the FiNAC software solution was introduced. The system included General Ledger, Debtor, Creditor and Payroll modules. The program also has the facility to handle multiple currencies

The flexible and comprehensive reporting features of the system improved business decisions which have resulted in the company producing its Accounts on time.

Almar Trading Pvt. Limited

Almar Rubber is one of the largest exporters of natural rubber in Sri Lanka. With over 25 years of experience,

The company's output of 70 containers of tea and over 80 containers of rubber makes them a leader in the export trade in the country.

The DOS software system which was provided by another company was replaced by the FiNAC system, and was introduced into both the tea and the rubber divisions.

FiNAC has provided the General Ledger, Debtors, Creditors, Post Dated Cheques, stock modules, and contract and shipping modules to Almar. This has enabled the company to maintain comprehensive records of both the local as well as the international transactions.

The data generated from the system is aimed at delivering accurate and timely information for effective business management analysis and forecasting.

The response of the client in the face of the rapid progress being gained has been excellent with extreme satisfaction for the solution

Asiabike Industrial Ltd

Asiabike Industrial Ltd was incorporated in 1994 as a BOI venture. They are pioneers in the manufacture of mountain and all terrain bicycles in Sri Lanka.

Asiabike is presently the only company in Sri Lanka manufacturing and exporting more than 200,000 bikes per year to the European Union Countries. The factory and office premises are located in Panadura.

Before the introduction of the FiNAC system, they had toiled with an ERP software, which turned out to be a hassle to use.

To rectify the problems faced by the company, they adopted the FiNAC software solution of which the Creditor and the GL modules were implemented. The trouble-free and easy to handle nature of the FiNAC software has been much appreciated compared to the earlier software.

In dealing with international customers, Asiabike requires the maintenance of accurate transaction records. These records need to be available on demand for any reference purposes or analysis. The FiNAC system has given them an opportunity to satisfy these needs in a simple and comprehensive package. The customised reports that are generated from the system have also enabled them to control their finances in a more effective and efficient manner.

Associated Electrical Corp

Associated Electrical Corp were searching for a software solution that allowed them to manage their finances in the most efficient and comprehensive method. This is when they opted to implement the world recognised FiNAC software solution. With over 25 years of excellence in providing software solutions to countless organisations, Datamation Systems was ready to fulfil the requirements of the Associated Electrical Corp.

The Corporation currently has the General Ledger and the Payroll modules of the FiNAC software solution implemented. These systems have been customised to fit all the needs of the individual organisation.

The General Ledger system has allowed them to track all their financial transactions and it has also given them the ability to monitor the progress of their economic growth and stability. The payroll module has simplified the once arduous task of salary calculation for individuals. With its capacity to monitor increments, advances and bonus payments, the FiNAC software has cut back on the long hours spent calculating all these factors when generating the salaries.

The report generation process of the FiNAC software has been modelled to satisfy the demand of accurate and timely business information of the company. In addition to the array of standard reports that are programmed to the system, the report generator allows the administration to produce customised reports at their time of need.

Associated Electrical Corp has shown immense satisfaction towards the supremacy of the software solution and also towards the high quality of service provided by the FiNAC team, which has always been the benchmark set at Datamation Systems.

Autotec Engineering Services

Autotec Engineering Services (a.k.a. Ajith Motors and Enterprise) is a trading company which imports and distributes motor bicycles and vehicle spare parts. They are involved in both Wholesale and Retail sales of the goods.

Autotec has two locations that they operate from, with the outlet at Maradana acting as their Retail sales location and the outlet in Horana dealing with their wholesale operations.

The company had been searching for a comprehensive system that could handle their Import transactions as well as their local transactions, when they were introduced to the FiNAC software solution. They were quick take up the system in view of the features and services that Datamation Systems offered. Autotec currently has the Stocks, Debtors, General Ledger, Import Costing and Post Dated Cheque modules functioning at their locations.

The system has the capacity to allocate goods for each rep separately and then examine the sales made for each of these allocations and it also provides the ability to monitor tour wise costing. In the financial modules, when a cheque has been realised, the balances in the Debtor module are also automatically updated. The Import costing module and the Stocks module allows Autotec Engineering to import only the necessary items they require for their sales. This reduces wastage and unwanted expenses that may occur due to importing unnecessary items.

Autotec has shown much satisfaction towards the level of efficiency the system exhibits and also towards the information that it provides them in decision making, through the vast array of differing reports that are generated.

Building Materials Corporation

Building Materials Corporation was established in 1971 and converted to a limited liability company fully owned by the General Treasury in 1992. BMC is the only government institution engaged in supplying, distributing, importing and marketing of quality building materials in Sri Lanka.

The Corporation was using an old DOS based system to maintain their records. This out of date system was difficult and time consuming to use. So they opted for the FiNAC system for a much more complete and accurate system.

The Building Materials Corp. has 13 branches outstation, other than the head office at Colombo. Currently the system is functioning at the head office where all the transactions of the branches are entered in the back end. The modules of the FiNAC software solution functioning at the location are Sales & Inventory control, Debtors, Creditors, Payroll, and GL.

Since they use consignments in their stocks and item handling, the FiNAC system was customised so that it supported consignment basis transactions.

The modules were programmed to handle the transaction data from all locations island wide. This has given the management the ability to keep track of the status of the entire network at any given time.

The financial modules maintain the finances of all the locations, and the system allows them to generate reports for individual locations or groups. These reports have been customised to fit the requirements of the Corporation and are taken as vital information sources in their planning processes.

The Building Materials Corporation has been impressed with the capability and the potential of the FiNAC solution to the extent that they are looking at expanding the system to more locations and having a live link set up between them.

Classic Impressions (Pvt) Ltd

Classic Impressions (Pvt) Ltd an ISO 9001:2000 Accredited Company was formed under the wing of the BOI of Sri Lanka, exclusively for the manufacturing of printed brand identification and information products for the export garment sector. Today it has become one of the most sought after printing arm of many garment manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka.

Products range of Classic Impressions (Pvt) Ltd include Hang Tags, Price Tickets, Shirt Bands, Carton Marks, Wrappers Display boxes and many more.

Classic Impressions (Pvt) Ltd currently utilizes the Debtors, Payroll and General Ledger (GL) modules of the FiNAC software solution.

Prior to the implementation of the FiNAC solution, all records were maintained manually, which was a time consuming, cumbersome process. With the implementation of the FiNAC software solution the process has become much more simple and easy to maintain.

The comprehensive array of reports that the FiNAC system generates, has allowed the company to better monitor and control their transaction.


D.L & F. De Saram is one of the long-standing and prestigious law firms in the country. The company located at Alexander Place, Colombo 7 was founded in 1901. It is guided by a panel of seven partners, ten legal associates and four consultants. Through its subsidiary, Corporate Advisory services (Pvt) Ltd, it provides secretarial services and also addresses the needs of clients both individual and corporate in the field of civil and commercial law in Sri Lanka.

Datamation introduced FiNAC to overcome the negative aspects of the previous software system. The computerization process included the General ledger, Debtor's & Creditor's management and payroll. This system also allows them to monitor all the secretarial work which was previously done manually

Within a short period of time this system has given complete customer satisfaction to this firm.

Dial Textiles Industries Ltd

Dial Textile Industries began commercial operations in 1980 to manufacture haute couture apparel for the European market. Their foreign shareholder, Adolf Ahlers AG, is a quoted company operating internationally in the fashion industry. By the end of September 2000, Dial Textile Industries had invested approximately Rs 600 million in producing jackets and jeans for Ahlers. The company employs 617 at their production centre in the Katunayake Processing Zone.

The FiNAC software solution streamlined and resolved many issues including providing timely accounts to Adolf Ahlers. It also improved the efficiency of the firm through better work flow automation.

The modules provided were Debtors, Creditors, Sales and a recent expansion into Fixed Assets. This has allowed them to manage all their transactions through the system, which include shipping documents and online export invoices. The comprehensive reports generated by the system have enabled them to make improved managerial decisions.

The customer has shown total satisfaction with the software solution that FiNAC has provided mainly due to this improved efficiency of the business process.

Globe Knitting (Pvt) Ltd

Globe Knitting (Pvt) Ltd, a Dutch based company was founded under the Board of Investment and currently has been certified with ISO 9001:2000 Standards. Globe Knitting, with over 400 Employees and the use of modern machinery, produce roughly 3.5 Million Pairs of Socks and roughly 1.6 million tights a year.

Prior to the introduction of the FiNAC system, the Inventory control of the company was handled manually which was complicated and time consuming process. So in order to streamline the process they turned to Datamation Systems and our FiNAC software solution.

Globe Knitting currently operate the Stock control and Job costing modules of the FiNAC system. One of the main features that can be seen in the system is that the stocks are maintained in foreign currency values. This requires all the local transactions to be converted to their foreign currency value, a task that is performed by the system itself.

The Job costing module provides the ability to estimate the cost for a specified job and along with the Stock Control module it helps to curtail any wastage or unnecessary production. The large number of customised reports that are produced by the system has helped the organisation in maintaining high quality standards while making the process more efficient.

Globe Knitting (Pvt) Ltd has shown immense satisfaction with the capacity of the FiNAC system to adapt to the needs of their organisation.

Glorchem Enterprises

Glorchem Enterprises are importers and dealers in dyes, acids & Chemicals. They are one of the leading Chemical importers to the island, dealing in a diverse range of products.

Glorchem Enterprises comprise of two locations (i.e. Head office and their stores). They are currently using the Inventory, Sales, Debtors, Creditors, GL and the Payroll modules of the FiNAC software solution. The stores of the enterprise utilise the distribution modules while the accounting modules are being used by the head office.

They had tried out other software before turning to the FiNAC solution. The previous software had produced problems in managing their work efficiently, due to which they have opted to use the FiNAC system.

The system is able to handle the multiple types of products that Glorchem deals in different processes. Since they have both retail and wholesale sales, the system has been programmed to accommodate this need. It has also given the management the ability to monitor stocks pack wise and quantity wise. The reports generated from the accounting system has allowed the management to keep track of their finances and aided them in their decision making.

The company has shown great satisfaction and enthusiasm in the services provided by FiNAC software solution.


Intersun is a Travel Agency that is located in central Colombo. The company deals in airline ticketing and they also offer money transfer services. It has over 25 years experience in the business and are agents for Emirates Airlines and handle a large percentage of passengers for to the middle east.

Intersun has been awarded with the IATA (International Air Transfer Association) award for their excellence.

Since 1988 Intersun used the DOS programme provided by Datamation systems without any issues. The only reason for upgrading to the FiNAC software was to ensure that they operated on a windows platform

The Integrated modules provided with the FiNAC system were, Debtors, Creditors, General Ledger, Post Dated Cheques, and module for billing and ticketing entries. The introduction of the new software has allowed the company to further improve their efficiency and the reports generated within the system has allowed effective business management analysis and forecasting. Another major advantage of using the system has been the ability to send and receive emails from within the system itself. This makes the communication with clients much easier.

The response to the programme has been exceptional with the customer showing great satisfaction with the software solution provided

MACSA (Pvt.) Ltd

MACSA (Pvt.) Ltd are the market leaders of importing and maintaining Generators in Sri Lanka. They are the sole Distributor of several high quality brands within Sri Lanka and also the Maldives. In addition to generators they also import heavy machinery and equipment.

The organization has adopted the FiNAC software solution which has been modified to accommodate their specific requirements. They are currently using the Import Costing, Job Costing & Service, Stocks, Sales, Debtors, Creditors, GL and Payroll modules of the FiNAC system. The systems are implemented at their single location at Wellampitiya.

The system has been customized to the need of MACSA (Pvt.) Ltd so that the Import Costing, Employee efficiency monitoring and Job Ticket handling can be done from the system itself.

Another special feature added to the system is that is capable of scheduling the service periods for the generators and the other equipment they sell. It also allows them to keep track of the service history of the products as well. This has become a key component for the company in their after sales service which is so important in their line of business.

MACSA (Pvt.) Ltd has shown great satisfaction towards the amount of flexibility the FiNAC system has at adapting to their needs. Also the multitude of reports generated from the system, has allowed the company to become more efficient and improve their work standards.

Mahajana Printing

Mahajana Printing has over 33 years of experience in the field of mass printing items such as books, calendars and diaries. The head office is situated in Mirigama and the company also has a branch in Colombo. They are the largest printing company in their area.

Prior to the implementation of FiNAC they kept manual records of their transactions which created many barriers for the operations of the company. Chief among them was the inability to prepare correct sales records. Other problems included the inability to schedule their manufacturing process; as a result print jobs were done according to the job sequence which invariably led to customer dissatisfaction. Delivery plans were also handled manually as a result problems such as the repetition of vehicle trips to the same location arose.

To overcome these difficulties Datamation Systems provided them with a complete FiNAC software solution to control every transaction in the business. This system includes an inventory control system, a sales order process, a manufacturing scheduling process, a delivery planning system and also reports with which the company can monitor their sales and delivery status at any time.

They have requested that the Colombo branch be connected with the Head office using the FiNAC system itself and this is currently being implemented.

FiNAC has become the DNA of the company's operations and the client has proven to be wholly satisfied with the assistance the software system has provided in streamlining the company's operations.


The McLarens Group was founded in 1942 by entrepreneurs including J. D. McLarens, they pooled their resources and expertise to realize the goal of launching themselves into the world of shipping. They have also sailed into the industries of property development, manufacturing, trade and hotels and travel and met with equal success.

Datamation Systems (Pvt) Ltd is a specialist developer in business software solutions aimed at enhancing business productivity in a practical and cost effective manner. The company is in operation for nearly two decades and backed by one of the world-renowned Australian Software house "QA Software" which imparts R & D and up-to-Date technical skill and knowledge.

Datamation is capable of handling any size and any kind of business and its solutions are designed to support Microsoft Windows architecture which is commonly used in today's business environment.
Datamation Systems (Pvt) Ltd was awarded the contract to build a payroll system for the McLarens Group in April 2006
The Payroll system provided many benefits to McLarens Group.

  1. It provided a centralize Payroll system for all of the companies in the McLarens Group
  2. It Maintains employee record such as salary and loan details and maintains their loan ledgers
  3. Covers areas such as increments, bonuses and incentives.
  4. All the payments are made through electronic slip transfer to the bank.
  5. This is a multi user solution, where operators can be assigned to single company and administrator can work on the entire group.
The system which was successfully implemented by Datamation had helped streamline the operational procedures of the company and the customer has shown complete satisfaction with the software that has been provided.

FiNAC now has been awarded the contract to computerize the entire Group's IT requirements

Micro Packaging

Micro Packaging has over a decade of experience in the field of packaging and is based in Malebe. The company currently employees a staff cadre of 60 employees, handles over 40,000 items and holds almost 15% of the market share.

Their main packing method is corrugated packing. The firm has been awarded the ISO 9001 and ISO 2000 quality certificates that represents the high standards achieved by the company throughout the years.

The firm was using excel worksheets to keep records of their manufacturing process prior to the implementation of the FiNAC system, however this method could not fulfil all the needs of the company and therefore they turned to us at Datamation to provide a software solution.

The FiNAC system provided Manufacturing, Stock, Sales and Debtors modules. The manufacturing module has allowed them to auto select the appropriate packaging reels for each item in corrugated packing, using the system itself. The debtors module has allowed the monitoring of the (debtors individually or group wise) outstanding payments.

The reports generated by the system, have enabled the firm to check the status of all purchase orders and to monitor the status of deliveries.

We at Datamation are proud to have assisted the company to further enhance its efficiency and productivity by providing a software solution that has satisfied every one of our client's needs.

Queen's Café

Queens Café is a restaurant that provides a wide range of a la carte menus and has a catering and home delivery services within the Colombo limits. Their main outlet is based in Colpetty. They have recently opened a new branch at Mount Lavinia.

The company has over five years of experience and have established themselves within this time as a reputed family restaurant with over 110 employees. They offer a wide range of cuisines ranging from Chinese, Indian and European, with a variety of over 400 dishes.

Prior to the implementation of the FiNAC software solution they used a regular cash register, with which they faced many difficulties. Generating reports and assessing sales and checking daily accounts had to be done manually.

Any special food items requested by the customer had to be programmed into the cash register manually and records regarding these could not be maintained. Another major drawback of this method was that records of raw material could not be maintained.

To negate all these problems the FiNAC software solution was put into operation, which provided Queen's Café with a competitive advantage. Amongst the modules provided was a stock control system which allowed them to keep track of their inventory as well as providing a module to monitor their delivery and billing systems.

The FiNAC system now enables them to keep a track of foods sales, and fast moving items. The system generates many reports allowing the management to view category wise; sales/ service charge reports/ credit card details/ shift wise sales and delivery charges.

The response to the programme has been exceptional with the customer showing great satisfaction with the software solution provided

Rashima International

Rashima International is a highly recognised clothing manufacturing company which produces garments for several world-renowned clothing brands.

It has several garment factories that manufacture shirts under the labels Ebony, Vantage and Flash. Formal and casual trousers are produced under the labels free man, lorah, sep-eleven and mark Alfred. Casual t-shirts are prepared under the label of edge

The organisation had used a simple programme for account keeping but all other processes had been conducted manually. This procedure was time consuming and evermore complex, which inhibited the company from reaching it's full potential.

This is where they decided to adopt the FiNAC software solution to streamline and optimise their processes. The company now utilizes the Stocks, Sales, Debtors, Creditors, GL, Production and Assembly note modules of the FiNAC system. This change has helped to drastically cut down on wastage and increase productivity.

Another major issue that was solved through the FiNAC system was the co-ordination between the head office in Colombo and the factory in Kurunagala. This was done by linking the systems at the two locations via citrix which enabled real time correspondence between them.

The multitude of comprehensive reports generated by the system also provides the management wit accurate and up-to-date information for more strategic decision making.

Sha Lanka Trading

Sha Lanka Trading is a subsidiary of Sunil Traders, a leading Commodities and Fruit Importer in Sri Lanka.

The Company was established in 2008 as a co-partner in the import and distribution of dairy products. As a result, they have business deals taking place with foreign suppliers and also local customers.

To better manage these transactions Sha Lanka Trading have taken up the FiNAC software solution with the GL, Creditor, Stocks and Sales modules currently being used. The system has given them the ability to manage both foreign suppliers and local customers in the same system.

They had operated another ERP system before, which had not provided the flexibility and the dependability of the FiNAC system.

The customer has shown a high level of satisfaction towards the performance of the system which provides them the ability to better manage their accounts and sales through detailed and precise reporting.

Star Garments

Star Garments is a well established BOI company, which has been a pioneer investor in Sri Lanka with its first plant being set up in 1978 in the BOI's Katunayake Export Processing Zone. It is not just a major manufacturer of garments but also a key employer with a staff of 10,000 workers in seven factories in Katunayake, Kadduwela, Baddegama, Koggala and Kotmale across Sri Lanka.

With its massive employee numbers, a major problem for Star Garments was managing their Payroll to ensure that all the salaries were paid correctly. They were using a DOS based payroll system, but its limited performance and inability to handle dynamic situations made it obsolete.

In a bid to satisfy their need of a system that was able to handle varying boundaries, Star Garments turned to Datamation Systems and our world class software solution, the FiNAC ERP system.

The payroll system for Star Garments was customised to meet their specific requirement of handling varying boundaries. The system has no set parameters hardcoded in to it, but rather works on the basis that the user will enter their required parameters.

This unique ability to transform itself to the needs of the customer is one of the key aspects where the FiNAC system towers above the competition. The ability to maintain the records of all the payments for a minimum of one year was something they were unable to achieve through the DOS system. The older data can be then kept as back up files and be used when required.

The Star Garments management has shown immense satisfaction towards the quality of the FiNAC system and the convenience it offers to their work process.

Tajima Colombo (Pvt) Ltd

Tajima Colombo (Pvt) Ltd, an ISO 9001-2000 certified company was incorporated in 1988, providing computerized embroidery technology to the Sri Lankan market. And it provides comprehensive solutions to customers whether in research and development, design punching or sampling. Along with the range of world class machinery, they also offer comprehensive 24-hour after sale service and technical support.

Tajima Colombo (Pvt) Ltd is a branch of a world wide network of companies. They opted for the FiNAC software solution because they needed to accurately keep track of their transactions and the service requirements of each of their customers. Currently they are employing the Stocks, Service, Job Costing, Debtors and the General Ledger modules of the FiNAC system.

The service scheduling for products are allowed to be done through the system it self, reducing the risk of overlapping service sessions. There are approval levels set for authorising services, while the system also monitors the worksheets of the technicians. A unique feature added for the service module was the inclusion of a Help Desk in the system it self where Customer complaints are logged and monitored.

Free issue items can be observed separately through the Stocks module while the Job Costing module provides the option of generating estimates for repair orders. The financial modules and the customised report generation process help the management keep track of the state of their business and aid them in their decision making accordingly.

The Tajima Colombo (Pvt) Ltd has been immensely pleased with the amount of service that Datamation Systems provided in customising the FiNAC software to suit their requirements.

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