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System Features

  • Maintain Import Charge Categories & Import Charges.
  • Maintain Foreign Currency Details & Daily Rates.
  • Facility to create unlimited number of item codes.
  • Maintain shipment ports & country details.
  • Maintain comprehensive supplier information database.
  • Maintain comprehensive agent information database.
  • Maintain HS Code details.
  • Facility to enter & keep track of supplier Quotation Details.
  • Create Pre Costing sheets with all the information about the Item Cost, Freight Charges, Insurance Charges,…etc.
  • Automatic calculation of Company wise, Distributor wise & Dealer wise profit margins through the system.
  • System will automatically calculate the Net Landed Cost, Distributor Price, Dealer Price & Retailer Price. This will provide the necessary information to compare & to validate the Quotations.
  • Facility to enter & keep track of Supplier Proforma Invoice details.
  • Facility to create Purchase Orders based on the Proforma Invoices send by the suppliers.
  • Purchase Order mailing facility.
  • Create Post Costing Sheets based on the Goods Receive Notes & the actual import costing values.
  • Facility to create Sample Purchase Orders.
  • Keep track of LCs


  • Post costing price list
  • LC to be opened
  • Pre Costing vs post costing (Variance Report)
  • Pending shipments
  • Import Register
  • Quotation Listing
  • Cost forecasting listing
  • Purchase order listing
  • Proforma invoice listing
  • Pre costing listing
  • Commercial invoice listing
  • Post costing listing

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