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Sales Force Automation Enterprise Edition

  • Itinerary/Route Planning
  • Redistribution Planning
  • Target Settings
  • Order Placement to Head Office
  • Primary Stock Management
  • Van Loading
  • Master Data Management
  • Retailer Outstanding Balances
  • Invoice History, Payment History
  • Sales Invoice/Order and Mobile Printing
  • Payment Collection and Mobile Receipt Printing
  • Trade Discounts and Free Issues
  • Sales Returns Analysis Using Reason Codes
  • Van Unloading
  • Performance Tracking, Target Vs Achievements
  • Merchandising Target Vs Actual
  • New Account Target Vs Actual
  • Must Sell Item Management
  • Sales Reports and Graphical Charts
  • SSL/HTTPS Data Security
  • Wireless Ready
  • Barcode Ready
  • Online Data Synchronization via GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA/WCDMA etc.

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