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FiNAC Redistribution system is a point-to-point solution for your business to sell to distributors. Today’s challenges can be overcome with only a comprehensive system to manage the entire distribution network and simultaneously provide your business with flexibility and growth


  • Streamline Field Processes
  • Improves Sales Process Efficiency
  • Visibility throughout all Distribution Channels
  • Better Visibility in Market Penetration
  • Up-to-date information for effective decision making
  • Improved Customer Relationship, Personalized interaction
  • Reduces Paper work and Data entry error
  • Improved Understanding of Market Trend, Needs and Coverage
  • Deployable on Centralized, Decentralized, Hybrid Infrastructure
  • User –Friendly Interface
  • Localized Business Knowledge (VAT, SVAT)
  • Low learning curve

Functional Overview (Head Office)

Functional Overview (Head Office)

Redistribution Daily Operation (Workflow)

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