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The operational system includes Student Registration, Scheduling of Lecturers, Classroom Allocation , Time Table Management, Attendance Monitoring , Fees Management, Exam Registration & Exam Result Management , Membership Management, Workshop & Event Management, Advertising and Media Control.
The FiNAC ERP core modules such as the General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Fixed Asset Management, Inventory and Sales of Tutorials , Stationery etc are seamlessly integrated to the operational modules.


Education Module

  • Product Inquiry –

Analyzing Student inquiries over the phone and emails

  • Product wise student Entry Forms –

Separate Entry forms for all Products

  • Student Registration master –

Maintain student Registration and payment records

  • Entry Approvals –

Registration and payment approvals

  • Subject wise payment process –

Invoice calculations from pre defined charges

  • Coaching subject amendments –

All the payment amendments link with Credit notes and Debit notes

  • Class Attendance Registry –

Maintain student attendance with class room capacity

  • Class Room Schedule –

Prepare time table for all locations

  • Document issue entries –

Document issues for all product

  • Assignment Submission and Acknowledge –

Acknowledgements with additional payments

  • Exam Schedule –

Centre allocation, Time table & Serial number generation

  • Exam admission –

Admission issuing and acknowledgement

  • Exam attendance –

Maintain student attendance for all exams

  • Exam Result –

Calculate subject wise marks from pre defined mark sheet formats

  • The system produces various reports to monitor and identify the status of the products and the students

Membership Module

  • Membership Master –

Maintain Membership records for professional and student members

  • Member Category -

Maintain professional categories for the new members and the renewal members

  • Membership card print-

Provide member card print list for student and professional members

  • Professional certificate print-

Membership certificate print from the system

  • Member history –

Can be View all the member records with the category changes and the payment details

  • The system produces various reports to monitor and identify the status of Members

Marketing Module

  • Budget allocation -

Can be allocate for all the activities from yearly basis

  • Fund Request –

Can be raise Fund requisitions with approvals

  • Art work process with approvals

Event Module

  • Maintain all the major events with the functional activities
  • Provide program member master for all events
  • Maintain task records for each activities
  • Provide media and status records for each events
  • System allows to manage income and expense for all events

Workshop and Training Module

  • Workshop and Training master -

Maintain workshop and training records for students and the corporate Clients. Can be schedule and
Allocate sessions with training calendar

  • Maintain the records of the venues/facilitators / participants
  • Provide pro forma and tax invoices
  • Provide Questionnaire form for each workshop or training
  • Slab master for maintain discount scheme by number of participants

Stock and Sales Module

  • Maintain educational and general items
  • Purchasing process with transaction wise approvals
  • Internal requisition process with approvals
  • Invoicing and issuing process for educational and general items
  • The system produces various reports to monitor and identify the status of the educational and general stock

Account payable Module

  • Can be process all the supplier payments for good received invoices and service invoices
  • Can be process lecture payments for actual lecturing hours
  • Payment request process link with other modules
  • The system produces various reports to monitor and identify the status of the Suppliers and the lecturers

Accounts Receivable Module

  • Maintain customer master for the students and the corporate clients
  • Link all the receivable from other modules
  • Receivable process from education module link with student registration number

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