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FiNac Corrugation Solution is Purpose-built for optimizing and streamlining your operations. Stages of production are at your disposal to Reduce Errors and Increase Accuracy, schedules that aid cost estimates are collaboratively shared with manufacturing solutions to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Waste, FiNAC Corrugation Solution is your one stop solution from concept to production.  
FiNAC Polythene Solution offers scheduling & trimming, polythene data collection, roll stock inventory management, Recalling Facility, job splitting, monitor job status, monitor stock movement.  FiNAC Corrugation Solution can help your organization improve and optimize its polythene operations.


  • Capturing Price Requisition
  • Splitting Jobs
  • Minimized Wastage
  • Optimizing Machinery usage with Capturing Machine Maintenance Details
  • Track Job Status
  • System Facilitates Revisal of Quotation any number of times using existing Quotation
  • Store Requisitions available in system: Standard, Extra, Other
  • Daily Production Time Sheet
  • Daily Startup Wastage
  • Post Costing
  • Machine Maintenance
  • Integration of General Ledger, Inventory, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Modules

Functional Overview

Corrugation Daily Operation- Workflow

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