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System Features

  • Manufacturing process can be monitored stage wise
  • Bill of Material (BOM) / Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  • The BOM / BOQ carry the recipe for a product. Total raw material consumption or any other standard costs per product.
  • Monitoring Job Card, creating a job or status of an on-going job for will make easier to forecasted job completion.
  • Job is monitored as it progresses through different stages. The total raw material consumption for a particular job is maintained. A job can be sample manufacturing or a bulk production line.
  • Ability to control the issuing of raw material stage wise.
  • Monitor Extra Issues for a particular job stage wise
  • Stage wise job monitoring and raw material consumption monitoring. The actual raw material consumption could be compared against the estimated raw material.
  • Monitoring damages at each stage. Provide assistance for the quality assurance process.
  • Calculate work in progress (WIP) stage wise. Based on raw materials issues to the floor.
  • Ability to handle multiple production lines. In multiple stages. (Can have more than one active job)
  • Tracking actual vs. estimates and job profitability
  • Based on the raw material consumption in each stage and direct related costs a final costing can be done.
  • Job tracking against customer orders.
  • BOM / BOQ listings
  • Estimated entry information
  • Complete job details (Stage wise)
  • Costing reports (post / pre)
  • Production reports (Detail / Summary)
  • Job Profitability report
  • Raw material consumption variance analysis

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