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System Features

  • Stock item image viewing facility in master files - All stock items can be scanned, saved and the image can be viewed from the stock master file.
  • User defined stock re-order levels and quantities. When re-order level is reached, system automatically generates the re-order report.
  • Unlimited Price Levels - The item master file has several levels of selling prices and each customer is tied-up to a selling price level.  When invoicing, the selling price is picked up from this level.
  • Facility of searching items by all relevant details.
  • Ability to maintain different location types (Stores, Sales, Damage Stores, etc) and can define unlimited number of locations with user wise access permission.
  • View a particular item's status at any given time - e.g. Quantity on hand, by location, Item history etc.
  • Generates POs with comprehensive information such as date, item, quantity, date of delivery and stores.
  • Previous pricing information for a supplier can be viewed when entering a PO.
  • Maintain transactions with Auto or Manual Serial Numbering Systems – If required, the user can enter a manual number against the system generated number.
  • Purchase order can be recalled at the time of GRN by reducing the data entry.
  • Matches PO with related source documents such as Goods Receipt Note and Good Return Note.
  • GRN Returns are interrelated with the GRN. Stocks are reversed accordingly from the relevant location.
  • Costing can be done on the basis of weighted average or FIFO.
  • Real time update of stock quantities.
  • Sales Orders can be raised before actual invoicing takes place.
  • In Sales order, if sufficient stocks are not available, system keeps the balance required stock in a back order, facilitating the generation of an invoice when stocks are available.
  • Automatic calculation of user defined taxes for all transactions
  • Generate Invoices with comprehensive detail
  • During Sales Invoicing, Credit limit  & Credit Periods will be validated
  • When invoicing, system allows partial dispatches
  • Facilitates multiple modes of payment - Invoice settlements can be done by cash, multiple cheque or multiple credit card, direct deposits and credit allocations
  • Facility to generate suspended tax invoices and generate relevant documents (TQB and EDB etc.)
  • Multiple currency invoices can be generated
  • Sales returns controlled with invoice.
  • Invoice tax can be customized – Item wise
  • Item transfers between locations.
  • Physical stock reconciliation.
  • Damage stock maintenance and tracking.
  • Stock Adjustments can be made by high authority users.
  • Stock Movement Analysis.
  • Comprehensive Stock Register.
  • Contribution Statement Report.
  • Profitability reports – Items wise, Invoice wise etc…
  • Age analysis of stocks with user defined aging periods.
  • User can enter the material Requisitions required for production via system.
  • Material issues can be done to the production flow based on the material requisitions. Partial material issues are facilitated by the system.
  • Materials can be returned from the production flow to the raw material stores via material return note.


  • Purchases
    • Purchase order receiving details
    • GRN  \ GRRN Listing
  • Stocks
    • Bin Card
    • Location Stock Detail
    • Re-Order
    • Stock Movement
    • Stock Age Analysis
  • Sales
    • Price List
    • Sales Report
    • Invoice Profitability
    • Contribution Statement
    • Quotation vs Sales Order
    • Sales Order vs Invoice

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