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System Features

  • Supports Multiple Companies.  The system can support multiple companies separately in a group of companies’ environment. The processing of data and the obtaining of reports can be done separately as well as consolidated.
  • System facilitates to broadly define the structure of the company.
    E.g. Department, Sub Department, Section, Sub Section, Line, Raw …etc
  • Employee Applications Recording Facility.  Once a HR Division received an application for a particular vacancy, they can record relevant information such as NIC No, Name, Age, Post Applied, Qualification etc.
  • Required Skills & Qualities.  This is used to evaluate the qualifications & experience need for each job category in the organization.
  • Interview Scheduling Facility.   This is used to schedule candidates for their respective interviews
  • Interview Feed Back.  This transaction is used for evaluate candidates Interview results for applied vacancy. Once the interviewer recognized some special qualities for a particular candidate in the interview, he/she can record it in the remarks column. This information will be important for further assessments.
  • Employee Skills & Qualifications. Employee Skills & Qualifications can maintain in the system. This information will serve as an important tool for strategic management decisions. Eg :- Deciding employee salary increments.
  • Employee Performance Evaluation. System facilitates to assess the monthly progress of employees. The information provided through this feature will help in deciding on if an employee needs more training or is ready for a promotion. The employee’s actual performance can be evaluated against their expected performance for a selected period of time. The evaluation can be done annually or during probation period.
  • Training & Seminars Allocation.  The system can assign employees for seminars and training workshops based on their skill level. The user can select employees for seminars based on a selected training category. User can use the remark column to add any comments.
  • Pre Training Test Results. This feature is used to store test results employees received from the trainings. Bases on this information, Management can decide whether the training is successful or not.
  • Reschedule Training against Test Results. User can reschedule trainings according to test results.
  • Post Training Test Results.  This feature is used to store the test results of the employees who participated to the rescheduled training sessions.
  • Accident/Injury Recording.  Accidents may occur on or off duty at a workplace or outside. This information will play an important role for insurance and employee compensation claims.
  • Medical Checkups.   The health and well being of employees is crucial factor for the performances of the employees. This transaction is used to record the employee’s health records & doctor’s feedbacks received from medical checkups.
  • Disciplinary Action.  This transaction is used to maintain the disciplinary actions taken against the employees. User can enter multiple disciplinary action records against an employee & get the employee’s disciplinary action records history for a given period.
  • Exit Interview Entry.  This provides crucial information about reasons for employee resignations, dissatisfactions & the area to be improved within the organization to retain the employees. Moreover this information help to reduce the employee turn over rate. 
  • Employee Termination. Using this feature user can record the Employee termination information.
  • Memorandums. Memorandums help members of an organization to communicate without the need for time-consuming meetings. It is an efficient and effective way to convey information within an organization.
  • Team Meeting.  This feature is used to maintain the information about the regular scheduled meetings. User can keep records of the Date, Location, Subject, Participants and decisions made during the meeting.
  • Organizational Policies. System facilitates to maintain organizational policy information. Organizational Policies allow employees to understand their roles and responsibilities within predefined limits. Basically, policies allow management to guide operations without constant intervention.
  • System facilitate to assign positive/negative points based on employee's activities such as Attendance, best performances, disciplinary actions,...etc. These points can be used to Rank the employees as well as in Promotion/Demotion Process
  • Some of the Reports provided by the HR Module are as follows,

Contract Reports

  1. Interview Details List
  2. Interview Summary
  3. New Recruitment List
  4. Employee Skills & Qualifications Report
  5. Confirmation Due List
  6. Contract Ending List
  7. Probation Ending List
  8. Extension Ending List
  9. Retirement List
  10. Services Terminated Employees List

Training Reports

  1. Training & Seminar Details
  2. Training And Seminar Allocation
  3. Training And Seminar Participation List

Performance Reports

  1. Performance Evaluation Report
  2. Productivity Reports

General Reports

  1. Accident & Injury Details
  2. Disciplinary Action Details
  3. Team Meeting Details

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