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System Features

  • User defined accounting periods.
  • Supports 24 month accounting periods – Can compare current year vs. previous year variances
  • Provides for 12 month accounts wise budgeting.
  • Multi-Currency transactions supported.
  • Calculation of Realized Gain/Loss in Foreign Currency transactions.
  • Revaluation Process facilitated to calculate Unrealized Gain/Loss in Foreign Currency transactions.
  • Automatic reversal of accruals.
  • The system provides the facility to take consolidated or cost centre wise reports.
  • Hierarchy of cost centres - Multiple levels of cost centres can be introduced with the ability to summarize at any level. Maintenance of multiple divisions/ companies with further categorization under each division/ company could be achieved using cost centres.
  • Cost-Centre wise consolidation.
  • User defined accounts - The user can define the chart of accounts with the last three characters as the cost centre.
  • Supports unlimited note and sub note fields - Notes and Sub Notes are in separate tables, thereby allowing users to create any number of notes/ sub notes.
  • Facility to copy the chart of accounts to new cost centres
  • Cheque printing facility for multiple banks.
  • Bank reconciliation can be done for any bank on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with ledger balances. The system generates a Bank Reconciliation Statement for a given date displaying the opening balance, un-presented cheques, un-realized deposits and the closing cash book balance. This could be obtained in foreign currency as well.
  • On-line voucher printing - All transactions provide the facility of printing vouchers as and when they are required.
  • Integration of a third party software to the Financial Accounting System - The system provides the facility to import data from other files (e.g. Excel documents).
  • Facility to export internal reports to other file formats.
  • Automatic journal entry numbering - A computer generated numbering system for all journals and recurrent re-entries.
  • Batch posting - The system facilitates the entry of transaction batch posting. The data entry screens allow for multiple entries reducing repetitive work, minimizing data entry and thus saving time.
  • Full cash management function with Cash Flow Statement
    • The system provides the facility to obtain a cash flow analysis up to a given date.
    • The user has the flexibility to define the cash flow code during the creation of the Cash Flow Master File (according to the organizational format).
    • The cash flow statement is headed by the opening balances and finally reflects the net cash flow.
    • All the receipts and payments are clearly listed.
  • Fixed Asset Schedule
    • The system allows the user to take a separate Fixed Asset Schedule for a detailed analysis of all their fixed assets up to a given period.
    • For each fixed asset, the schedule values the cost, depreciation and the disposals by reflecting the opening balance/ additions/ depreciation/ disposal during the period/ cumulative balance and finally the net value.
  • Maintain full audit trails and validity reports with cancelled entries - All transactions have document trails that indicate the entry details, including the name of the user and the date and time of the entry.
  • Values imported from third party applications - The system can be customized to pick data from other compatible systems (e.g. instead of entering all salary and loan details in to the GL, we can download data from the Payroll Module).
  • Ratio Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Analysis Code - If a set of accounts need to be grouped and the expenses for all such accounts reported as a total, then all such accounts are grouped under one analysis code (Sub Accounts in the system).


  • Trial balance
  • Ledger Listing
    • Detail
    • Summary
  • Cash Book
    • Detail
    • Summary
  • Journal Listing
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Cheque Realized Listing
  • Note Balance Report
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Fixed Asset
  • Manufacturing Report
  • Bank Reconciliation - FC
  • Cash Book Details - FC
  • Ledger Listing - FC
  • Cash Book Summary - FC
  • Sub Account Details
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Sub Note Report

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