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FiNAC Jewellery, Stones, Watches and Accessory Management system is a comprehensive ERP, that covers the entire process of purchasing raw stones , cutting, polishing and fixing. They can also handle sale of all other items including warranty maintenance using serial numbers.

The raw stones can be cut and polished through sub contractors and the sub contractors can be monitored until they return the finished goods.

The process of purchasing can involve several partners and the stones can be purchased in carats and sold in pieces. Thereafter each partner can claim his share.
In the case of watches and accessories the serial number is used to track all sales.

The sale can be done thru multiple outlets, in different locations and even different countries, all connected to a single server.

The CEO can check the profitability of each sale, available stock, location wise performance etc on a hourly basis. To maintain

The system comes with full integration to Financials


  • Easy-to-use & intuitive POS
  • Trade up or down/Returns/Credits
  • Integrated Credit/Debit Processing


  • Complete multi-location inventory for diamonds, jewelry, settings, workshop materials, giftware, etc.
  • Track by quantity, carat
  • Multiple locations within one store
  • Complete physical Inventory
  • Purchasing module including Partnership purchases
  • Transfers intra and inter-store
  • WIP Labor & Material Tracking
  • Encrypted sales reports
  • Inventory Turns reporting


  • Memo & Non-stock Items
  • ItemMaster for Jewelery, Watches, Diamonds, Colored Stones, Pearls, & Components
  • Print Item Detail Sheet
  • Re-price items at any time

Repairs & Special Orders

  • Job bags
  • Estimate, then track actual labor & materials for costing
  • Unlimited work in process locations
  • Quickly recall Order


  • Memo Goods into Finac and track Until sold or returned
  • Memo Goods out to any location
  • Memos can be returned or invoiced (both partial or complete)

Customers & CRM

  • Comprehensive Customer Database
  • Sales history/Open orders
  • Customer list for filtering
  • Search/Sort by Keywords
  • Significant Dates with Reminders
  • Appraisals/Quotations
  • Maintain Accounts
  • Contact Log
  • Customer Fact Sheet

Reports and Presentations

  • Active reports can be grouped, sorted, filtered and memorized

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