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System Features

  • Track fixed asset purchases
  • Comprehensive maintenance of a database of your fixed assets. Track the following details about your fixed assets,
    • Automatic Asset Code Generation
    • Supplier Information
    • Purchase Date
    • Purchase Value
    • Scrap Value
    • Useful Life Time
    • Warranty
    • Depreciation Rate
    • Accumulated Depreciation
    • etc…
  • Track asset location
  • Track transfer of fixed assets between locations/ departments
  • Track fixed asset depreciation
  • Track fixed asset disposals
  • Facilitate fixed asset revaluation
  • Track the WIP Items
  • Facilitate to capitalize WIP Items through the system
  • Facilitate value addition to existing fixed assets
  • Label printing facility to track the fixed assets easily
  • Automatic generation of journal entries ( If the system is linked to FiNAC GL)


  • Fixed Asset Register
  • Fixed Asset History Report
  • Fixed Asset Main Summary Report
  • Fixed Asset  Disposal Report
  • Purchase Detail Report
  • Revaluation Detail Report
  • Fixed Asset Transfer Detail Report
  • Value Addition Report
  • WIP Capitalization Report
  • Depreciation Detail Report
  • Asset Label Printing
  • etc …

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