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FiNAC manages your company's day to day operations by combining your garment product development, sourcing, sampling, purchasing and production into a single user friendly system. The software is specially made for costing, managing and monitoring the various steps in manufacturing process up to delivering the finish garment to the market.


  • A comprehensive categorization as brand, style, fit, shade, size, design, blend etc.
  • Ability to place purchase orders based on different combinations of design, shade, category, blend, sizes etc.
  • Easy generation of purchase orders and monitoring purchase against orders.
  • Raw material products under reorder level you can generate purchase requisition from different physical locations.
  • Inventory can be maintained in roll wise for fabric and roll wise stock balances can be obtained from a click.
  • All items can be bar coded from raw material (fabric / accessory) to finish goods to ease the use of items in all operational levels.
  • Cut sheets contain comprehensive information of fabric and accessory requirement, design image, factory location, estimated yield, standard minute, standard minute value, standard damage rate SMV, size ratio of the design etc.
  • Multiple level of approval before the actual production commence based on maker layout value etc.
  • Total control of fabric and accessory items issued based on the cut sheet estimated value. If excess issues are required approval must be obtained.
  • Pre-costing is done prior to production to determine market pricing based on current prevailing average cost prices and any other extra expenses can be added at this time.
  • Bar-coding of finish goods for internal stitched tags to price tags. For distribution ease carton boxes can be bar coded separately and just from a single scan for all total items in the carton can be issued or invoiced.
  • Post costing is done on the actual consumption of raw materials and expense such as labour and various other cost related to production can be added. Post costing is used to determine the actual finish cost of a cut once production is over..
  • Monitoring the status of each cut sheet in the production line, stages as cutting, bundling, sewing, ironing, packing etc.
  • Special entries to monitor stock issues raised for sample production through a authorized approval process.
  • Facilitate issue returns for any stock excess or remaining to be return against a particular cut sheet.


  • Cut sheet status
  • Raw material issue variance
  • Finish good to be received
  • Cut sheet budget variance
  • Actual cut quantity
  • Free stock listing
  • Fabric quantity on hand – Roll wise
  • Purchase order receiving
  • Purchase / Purchase return listing
  • Stock movement & valuation
  • Re-order report
  • Age analysis

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