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System Features

  • Maintains cheque details such as cheque received date, to be presented date, amount, customer and customer bank.
  • When a date is entered all un-presented cheques are shown and the users can tick opposite the cheque number to deposit it in a specific bank.
  • One cheque number can be allocated to multiple invoices. However a cheque number for one customer bank cannot be repeated.
  • Cheque presenting dates amendment facility.
  • Daily “to be banked cheques" listing facility.
  • Facilitates trace of original invoice details
  • Allows entering of cheques without a date
  • Cheque advance received facility
  • All dishonoured cheques are shown in the debtor's statement.
  • Only dishonoured cheques can be re-deposited. When re-depositing, one cheque can be allocated to several invoices.
  • When the cheque is dishonoured system will increase the customer’s outstanding balance by automatically raising a Return Note with Service Charges .
  • Facility to obtain age analysis of unrealized cheques based on date of deposit. (according to user defined aging periods)
  • In the debtor outstanding reports, post dated cheque payments are shown separately


  • Cheque Register
  • Returned Cheques
  • Cheques to be Banked

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