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System Features

  • Maintaining multiple currency for debtors - Reports can be generated in foreign currency or local currency.
  • Create and maintain an unlimited number of debtors
  • Maintaining Active and Inactive Debtors
  • Create and maintain unlimited debtor categories/ groups (Rank wise, Regional name wise).
  • Maintain customer wise price structure.
  • Tracking credit limits and credit periods for each debtor - If the customer exceeds the credit limit or credit period, the system prevents further invoicing by alerting the user.
  • Creates Debtors and commercial information such as: contact details (Debtor's company name, address, contact person, Telephone No, Fax No., VAT Registration No and e-mail address and etc).
  • Creates Debtors along with the opening balance break downs - User can maintain invoice break downs of the opening balances along with all relevant information.
  • When trying to set off credits, all outstanding invoices, debit notes and return cheques are shown with the balance outstanding amounts.
  • Supports unidentified credits processing
  • Credit Allocation - (FIFO or Manual) - Receipts can be set off against invoices or debit notes using either of two methods. The user can decide which invoice to settle from the outstanding list, or if automatic set-off is selected the receipt amount is deducted from the oldest invoice first.
  • Maintain transactions with Auto or Manual Serial Numbering Systems – If required the user can enter a manual number against the system generated number.
  • Parameterized taxing methods (e.g. NBT + VAT).
  • Settlement Discounts - When invoices are settled within a stipulated period, a special discount can be given through credit notes.
  • Tracks and deducts advance receipts - An advance listing is given for unallocated advance receipts. 
  • Automatic calculation of gain and loss.
  • Facility to accept bank charges at the time of transaction.
  • Facility to settle invoices in both foreign and local currency
  • Accepting Part Settlement, Over Payment for Invoices and Debit Notes.
  • Multiple settlements against one Invoice or Debit note.
  • Maintaining debtors’ age wise analysis with user definable age groups.
  • Able to define late payment charges through debit note
  • Cheque printing module integrated with overpayment and advance refund.

  • The System handles
    • Debit Note
    • Credit Note
    • Receipt
    • Advance
    • Advance Allocation
    • Overpayment Allocation
    • Advance Refund
    • Overpayment Refund
  • Maintain debtors outstanding - Each customer's online balance is maintained.
  • Integrated with other modules
    • Sales/ Sales return - Integrates update in debtor module
    • PD – Cheque Return update with Debtors
    • Administration: Cheque Printing –Advance Refund and Overpayment Refund

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